Friday, September 19, 2014

Time Flies

Time really does fly doesn't it? Maybe not literally, but it seems like physically it does to me! Getting to live in a new city is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. God made such a HUGE world for us to live in and I want to see every single part! However, I'll start with the state of Oregon.

Here's a few pictures from the past month here....

Cannon Beach, OR

Tumalo Falls, Bend, OR 

 Sunriver Resort for Labor Day
Sunriver, OR

Have you ever seen a real life model? I'm married to one..

Driving back from Bend, passing Mt. Hood. Such a pretty view. You can see it all the way from Portland on a clear day.
Punch Bowl Falls, OR

We have been utilizing our free time on the weekends to our best ability, while also competing at a high level in Fantasy Football (obviously). But a new change is happening- I started a job this week! I am going to be a teacher at Head Start this year in Portland. It's not as glamorous as being BeyoncĂ©,  but so rewarding to meet all the new kiddos. Prayers welcomed here! Thanks for all your calls and texts staying in touch with us :)

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