Thursday, July 10, 2014

My summer life

When Tyler asked me to go with him on a quick business trip to South Carolina, I relished at the chance. Was it a great location? Absolutely not. Would I have anything to do here while he worked? Absolutely not. That is why I had to come! Two days with absolutely nothing to do in a hotel room?! I haven't had two days in two months to myself! That's why I finally got a chance to crank out some blogging.

When in actuality I should be setting up utilities, cable, water, and address changes for Portland.

So as my mom likes to explain it, we never sit still. This seems to be more and more true this summer.

The past six weeks I've gotten the chance to go to.........

Savannah for Log, Nikki, and Jessica's bachelorette party,
Knoxville for 2 weddings.
Hilton Head with my family,
Nashville for some honky tonkin' and a wedding,
Portland for house hunting,
Milwaukee for the fourth of July.

Why yes, I am trying to hit all quadrants in the USA. Here's some pics to remember...

Savannah slow ride...SO FUN.

Our one and only weekend we were in Asheville, sweet Hannah and Daniel came to see us! We went white water rafting to check off our bucket list. And a month later....THEYRE ENGAGED!

Ahhh Hilton Head

Loved spending time with my cute little cousin, Bailey

Family time at Harbour town

July 4th weekend in Milwaukee...and it was lovely.

 Boating on Lake Michigan...windy but beautiful

Tyler got to fly over Lake Michigan with MaryNell...and boy was he excited.

There's my husband! One of the most amazing views I've seen. You seriously cannot beat Milwaukee summers.

Which is all fun and exciting and exhausting. Poor Tyler he is probably pooped because he works all week while I stay a busy body all over the place. But I miss Asheville! We've got to enjoy it while we can cause the days are numbered! We got to enjoy a concert with some of our very favorites in Asheville.

Florida Georgia Line and Nelly. Yes, that's correct. Couldn't think of a more perfect mismatch.

Now we are on the road again tomorrow heading to Savannah, GA for our 2 year anniversary trip!!!!! Cheers :)

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