Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Anniversary in Savannah!

July 7th is a day I will never forget. (But make sure to remind me in 50 + years). Two years ago I married the man I had hoped and prayed for my whole life. We were reminded again, 2 years later, in our good friends' Tyler and Aubrey's wedding to ALWAYS celebrate that day.
 So we did just that on July 7th. We had just gotten back from Milwaukee the day before so we decided to stay in on the actual day and I made some of our favorite food and "fancied up" the usual Monday night.

The first anniversary, we decided that we would alternate each anniversary for who plans it. This year it was ME.
So naturally, I chose Savannah, GA. Something about those old southern towns (Charleston, Savannah...) keep bringing me back!


 It can't be those dreamy row houses can it?
Or how perfect this model up above is I married?

But the FOOD. Oh my. Candied pralines from River Street Sweets will forever have a place in my heart. And I'll think of you, Leah, every time!
Our anniversary dinner was spent at The Olde Pink House.
If you've never been...go... NOW.
It was once the Governor's mansion in Georgia. We ate in the master bedroom and had the best meal I can imagine. They encourage you to tour the house while you wait for food. Its so fun to see all three stories and how they've kept the rooms and furnishings pretty much the same.
We ended the trip with Leopold's Ice Cream...and I am paying for it all in the gym this week!

I can't imagine anyone more perfect for me to do life with. Happy 2 years Ty!

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