Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Big Move

Do you ever feel like you can't quite catch up? That's how I've felt....for the past month. But I've also learned this - I cannot change that! I, Kacey Kiste, will never catch up. So I'm going to enjoy this nonstop roller coaster.

With that being said, are we moving to the other side of the country in less than 3 weeks? Yup!

Portland, Oregon - we are coming for ya.

We found out about our move early June. We made a quick four day trip out there to find a place to live and thankfully, we found it!

Not bad views in the Pacific Northwest.

Fun fact: Food trucks started in Portland. There's miles and miles of them.

When in PDX....visit the place where maple bacon doughnuts are made.

We found a place to live! Its about half the size of every place we have ever lived in, but we will make do somehow. No washer/! (Insert: encouragement)

I think we will have a whole heck of a lot of new adjustments to get used to living in a big city. I have days when I am so dang excited I can't wait to get out there. Then I have days where I dread the change and miss my family already. Thankful to the Lord for always seeming to find exactly the place to put us for awhile...

So we indulged a little bit.

Just when I thought I have seen Tyler at his happiness peak (obviously OUR wedding day ;-) )...this happened.

Since Ty was little he has been a huge Detroit Lions fan. (Yes, one of the only) His family is from Michigan so I guess it came with the territory. He spotted one of their top players, Ndamukong Suh, at Portland airport. He then continued to run to him, introduce himself as if he is a child waiting on Santa, and snap a picture with him. To Tyler's defense...Suh was extremely nice to him. It paid off. Congrats, Ty. If only I could see BeyoncĂ© at the next airport....

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