Wednesday, July 9, 2014

27 Dresses (Or 3)

You know the movie 27 Dresses, right? She's been a bridesmaid that many times. This summer I am beginning to think I could have at least been an extra in the movie as an honorary mention or something. ALL OF MY BESTFRIENDS ARE GETTING MARRIED THIS SUMMER. But seriously. I'm serious. 3 down in June, 1 to go.
I love weddings. I tear up every time. Every, single time.
Jessica and Brad's on June 7th. Beautiful day and beautiful bride! It was so good to spend the day with these people.

Logan and Brax, June 21st. Talk about tears flowing down! It was goooorgeous. We danced the night away. So so happy for her...since 2nd grade!

Tyler and Aubrey...June 29th in Nashville. STUNNING church and STUNNING bride. Ty and I were so fortunate to be able to be in the wedding together. We are unbelievable happy our couple-besties are finally hitched!

And who doesn't love all the festivities that come with weddings.
Friends, family, Knoxville, Nashville.
We ate, drank, and got merry.

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