Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Spring

I absolutely LOVE Spring. I realize this is probably old news because it has been Spring for awhile. However, I feel like I constantly look forward to the next phase of life. (Example: I'm a teacher, what comes at the end of Spring? SUMMER. FREEDOM. NO CHILDREN)  But right now I'm going to choose to enjoy life now.

Here is what I think of when I think of Spring....sun, dresses, my birthday, Easter, patios, flowers, tennis, Sangrias, cleaning, showers, family, and still...SUMMER. I can never NOT count the days (3 weeks, 2 days...)

But here's how we have been enjoying our Spring lately...

Showers bring more...SHOWERS! We have been in Knoxville the past 3 weekends for wedding festivities. This is proof that this is really the season of love! I will be in 4 weddings this summer and Ty in expect a lot of that on here! Such a fun time for brides....

Logan's shower on Sunday with the hostesses with the mostesses

So fun catching up with all of these girls!

You really can't beat shower food...
Another perfect bride to be!
All my bestfriends are getting married in the same summer yall..
We get to squeeze in some fun nights in Knoxville,as well.
Meanwhile back in Asheville - where we live 5 days out of the week...
Its been so pretty we have been eating dinner outside almost daily...and I loooove it.
Fun double date nights!
Over Easter...we got the chance to go to Indianapolis to spend time with Tyler's family. It was such a fun and relaxing time. We got to chat, eat meals together, laugh at a comedy club, and have a grownup kid egg hunt which I have to admit I dominated... :)

Indy Canal Walk- Kiste Fam

And if we didn't stay busy enough, I turned 24 years of age! Tyler is so sweet and went all out on this day. Have I mentioned he really is great.
Such good food (and view) at the Grove Park Inn.

Ty's present he got me of all the places we have met and moved since our wedding day. He's too good.

Can't go wrong with French Broad Chocolate...

One of my favorite places...ever!
 Cheers to the next busy month!

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