Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cuaracao Travels

A couple of weeks ago we took full advantage of my spring break from school. You really can't beat teacher's breaks. You can beat their pay though....but that's for another day :). SO....we went to CURACAO! Easily the most beautiful place we have ever seen. I may be THAT person that plans their next vacation depending on where a previous season of The Bachelorette went....(shout out to Emily Maynard, you'll get 'em next time).

It was such the perfect week. Aren't I lucky that I get to see this stud muffin everyday?!

This view below was my favorite. I hope Heaven has this much color! It was gorg.

We ate stewed goat...after seeing a family of goats on the beach earlier that day. It left a bad taste in my mouth....
This beach was incredible. You had to pay to use toilet paper when you went to the bathroom...but it was worth it.

While we took a week to travel and enjoy this beautiful place God created, it was so nice just to relax and be with each other! We will be traveling for wedding festivities the next 12 weekends (!) so a little vacation was needed to start this season of love!

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