Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Can we catch up? I think we should. You see, I've started a mid-March New Years' Revolution. This whole blogging thing...well that's part of it. Watching less Netflix and eating less cheese is part of it also, but don't ask me how that's going.

Here is what I have been doing these past 5 weeks....

I now have a 24 year old husband...really?! Time slow down

Charleston weekend getaway

Y'all...I could live here


So happy my brother and Kaitlin came to visit...Biltmore of course

To say we have had some snow days is an understatement. LEAVE NOW WINTER

Our favorite people came to visit!

We tried to become friends with Darius Rucker. Hold My Hand will never get old...
Trying to travel to a new city at least once a The Pit in Raleigh with Tyler's cousin Courtney
We definitely enjoyed Raleigh...the weather wasn't so bad either

Went to see Duke's campus and got to see where my sweet Grandaddy played basketball in 1941!

Enjoying new places in Asheville on rare weekends we are actually here!
Enjoying new restaurant opening with sweet friends!

Time goes too fast I tell ya. Is it really almost April?


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