Monday, September 23, 2013

Family Wedding Bliss

Weddings are great. They bring all family and friends together to celebrate love...and I fully support it! My cousin Jessica's wedding did just that.

Some of our favorite Wisconsinite cousins got to come to Asheville for a couple days before we headed to Pigeon Forge for the wedding. They brought a little bit of our beloved Milwaukee to Asheville!

Of course I took them to 12 Bones for some North Carolina BBQ as soon as they stepped off the plane! It was a hit. Fortunately, we got to relax by the pool for awhile before we headed downtown to the SkyBar and dinner at Curate.

 Which might be my new favorite restaurant in Asheville. Who would think octopus and mashed potatoes would be good together? It certainly was.

Which might be my new favorite restaurant in Asheville. Who would think octopus and mashed potatoes would be good together? It definitely was.

The next day we headed to the mountains and spent some time with our whole extended family. It was so great to see everyone and share the excitement of Jessica and Jeff!

Even though the rain poured all day, we still had some fun in Gatlinburg doing touristy things before the big night. However, it stopped raining just in time for the wedding and turned out to be so beautiful!

Two cutest boys I know, that's for sure

Mom and Theresa

Congrats Mr and Mrs Graef!

Hilton Head Island Getaway

What a fun weekend getaway we had! Tyler and I tend to get a little restless if we don't have a change of scenery for awhile...when I say we I mean me. That is one thing I love about my husband, his spontaneity! So I said hey, lets go somewhere and lay on the beach all day for two days.

He was sold. It took four hours to get there from Asheville which wasn't too bad. My family and I grew up going to HHI when I was little so it was so fun showing Tyler (a new addition to my family) all the fun had here! We went to all the places I loved so much. The Sea Shack, ice cream at the General Store, Hudson's, and even watched the UT game at the Marriott tiki bar. Let's just say Tennessee didn't get too lucky against the Oregon Ducks....

However, we didn't let the big loss get us down. There's always the Flordia game right? Nope, lost that too. (We're rebuilding...)

Anyways... It was one of the best weekends we have had as a married couple and I wouldn't trade our random trips for a thing!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Friends weekend

Our friends Hannah and Nate came to visit for a night this weekend and we so enjoyed it! We had so much fun hiking. If you know anything about Hannah and I, you know we really don't hike. Ever. But I am starting to embrace it and she was actually a champ at it. Black Balsam Knob was stunning.

After our hike, we headed back home and watched the UT game (insert: Go Vols!) and got ready for dinner. We headed downtown and tried some crazy beers at Wicked Weed Brewery before dinner.

Downtown Asheville is a little bit crazy anyways. If you don't know what I mean, I won't explain, you should just see for yourself. But that doesn't mean I am saying anything bad about the food! There are some really delicious restaurants and we tried one last night. Seven Sows Bourbon & Larder. Y'all. TRY this place. I think it was a unanimous vote that hushpuppies with hot pimento cheese dip was one of the best appetizers ever invented.

It was a good night.

We ended with homeade ice cream sandwiches from a girl that sells them on the side of the street! It's amazing what you can find from street vendors. And I love it!

mmmm Smore's for me!
This morning we ended our little  visit with a trip to Early Girl Eatery and good conversation! It made us realize how much we love being close to our friends again. I even got two surprise visits from my brother coming back from Eastern Carolina, and my bff Log coming back from her home to be in Raleigh. All in all, a great weekend, not a better way to end it than on the couch watching some football!

Biltmore fun

One of the things we were most excited about when hearing we were moving to Asheville was the Biltmore house. I knew it would be something we would want to see in the Summer, Fall, Winter, and why not Spring! So we went all in and got our annual passes this weekend. Its so huge that we split it up. One day we went to the winery and Antler Hill Village, then the next day we spent touring the house. WOW what a house! If you can even call it that...The views surrounding the house are just as equally impressive.

We are pretty pumped to be just 15 minutes away from this beauty on lazy days like today!


I love summer. I also love summer drinks. Sangria just says summer to me. I made this before labor day when we had friends over. It was definitely a hit, after making it a couple of times I think I finally got it to meet our taste buds!

Red Sangria

1 bottle Cabernet
1 bottle Merlot
1/2 C orange juice
1/3 C sugar
5 oranges
2 apples
3 limes
 1 small can crushed pineapple with juice
La Croix lemon lime seltzer

Pour wines into pitcher. Pour sugar and stir to dissolve. Cut fruit into slices and squeeze juice, drop into pitcher. Dump crushed pineapple (including juice). Chill until ready to serve (4-24 hours).

Top each glass with a splash of seltzer, stir, and enjoy!