Friday, August 9, 2013

Things with moving

A lot of things come with moving. Things that are expected, like having to buy toilet paper and all those fun household things. Things that annoy you, like changing your address 124350 times on everything you own. Things that excite you, like exploring a whole different place. And things like emotions. It seems like I have been through a ton of emotions in the past week that I'm trying to sort out. I've felt excitement, nervousness, anxiety, boredom, love, sadness, and happiness. And, honestly, I should feel like a pro. Yup, moving across the country twice within a year, I should be able to call myself a pro mover.

But...I'm not quite there yet. It's still sad to move away from anywhere you have called home. Moving away from Knoxville last year, I thought I would never be okay! Here we are a year later, and missing it like crazy! Our friends, our home, the city, the lake. We enjoyed every minute of it...(except the cold minutes).

So with that said...I think there is a grieving process that goes along with moving. A bitter-sweetness to it. So now, I'm accepting that. I can be excited and sad at the same time? Yes!

Now-we are focusing on the sweetness! Are we super excited to live in Asheville? Two hours from family and friends in Knoxville? In the beautiful mountains? Absolutely!!

Here are some pictures from the past week and a half here:

Mom and Landon came to visit :)

Kayaking on the French Broad River

Hiking off the Blue Ridge parkway

super delicious North Carolina BBQ

We have a pool!

French Broad Chocolate Lounge....oh my!

Our second home!

Eating where the PRESIDENT big deal

...and doing all this with a hurt foot...
Whew its been fun! My foot has improved as well :) I'm looking forward to making this our new "home" for the time being! We are feeling so blessed to be able to live this hectic life!

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