Thursday, July 25, 2013

My bestfriend is engaged!!!

I am so happy to say those words! LOGAN AND BRAXTON ARE ENGAGED! It was wayyyyy too big of a secret to keep for months. Finally! It was such a sweet night on July 5th. I was so ecstatic Tyler and I had the opportunity to surprise Logan and go down for the celebration. 
Surprise party delicious!

Log's family so excited

Mom of the bride lookin good

So glad to see Nik!

Hot mamas


High school friends all together (minus Jess!) and so dang excited!
What a fun party it was as well! 
We only had one more day in Knoxville and got to squeeze in a little more friend time thankfully...
We celebrated Taylors birthday at the Rosenbaums lakehouse. Perfect, rainy, lake day!

Friends we have truly missed!

Happy birthday old man!
 After the lake, we finally got try Chuy's with my absolute favorite people!

Look at those happy fiance's! Its so good to be home sometimes :)

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