Thursday, July 25, 2013

Moving Around Milwaukee

Whew. A lot is going to be going on in this blog. Lets do it by sections.
1. We moved out of our apartment. It was a sad day! Our first home.

2. After moving out...we've been having to live in hotels for the WHOLE month of July until we head to Asheville July 27th. To put it was fun and adventurous and almost made you feel like you are on vacation...until week 2. When you needed to do laundry, and you wanted to cook, and lay on a couch. Thankfully, we had really great friends and neighbors who let us stay for days when we needed that!
So here we are on week 4. An unorganized disaster.
continuously packing and unpacking

lunches consist of eating on windowsills...

our closet...

3. Besides that really stressful part of our lives. We have been doing some really fun stuff the past month in Milwaukee! Trying to finish up that bucket list we started a year ago when we moved here....

Pedal tavern. so dang fun

and really hard work pedaling...

of course Ty wins the raffle! Free T-shirt hollla


You peddle extremely fast and only go 2 miles an hour...something doesnt add up!

We've been trying to see friends as much as possible and go to the most delicious places  we will miss!
Iron Horse Hotel patio

Maren & Steve at brunch who we will miss so very much!

Brunch with Connor who we have loved having one of our bestfriends from Knoxville up here for the summer!

Of course they found a random playground under a bridge

We've spent many weekends at the club pool....
Mary Nell's bringing UT to Wisconsin!

We went to a super fun Gala benefiting the Villa Terrace Museum, hosted by our sweet friend Carmen! It was such a beautiful night.
Going to miss these Laurel and Nate like crazy!

And going to miss my cousins like crazy! sad to leave!
So as you can see...we have been busy this month...throw in a surprise trip to Knoxville...and I think we just about did it all! 2 MORE DAYS living in Milwaukee....and it is so bittersweet as we look forward to Asheville but leave our first home together!

My bestfriend is engaged!!!

I am so happy to say those words! LOGAN AND BRAXTON ARE ENGAGED! It was wayyyyy too big of a secret to keep for months. Finally! It was such a sweet night on July 5th. I was so ecstatic Tyler and I had the opportunity to surprise Logan and go down for the celebration. 
Surprise party delicious!

Log's family so excited

Mom of the bride lookin good

So glad to see Nik!

Hot mamas


High school friends all together (minus Jess!) and so dang excited!
What a fun party it was as well! 
We only had one more day in Knoxville and got to squeeze in a little more friend time thankfully...
We celebrated Taylors birthday at the Rosenbaums lakehouse. Perfect, rainy, lake day!

Friends we have truly missed!

Happy birthday old man!
 After the lake, we finally got try Chuy's with my absolute favorite people!

Look at those happy fiance's! Its so good to be home sometimes :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Year 1 Anniversary Getaway

Year 1 Anniversary was FUN to say the least. We decided to spoil ourselves a bit since we would be moving in and out of hotels/across the country for the next month. We both told each other no gifts, but secretly got them anyways. If you know Tyler- you know his love of golf. So here is his excited face with his new driver and putter! Woo hooo watch out PGA for this guy!
 ANDDDD if you know me....well I got another wedding band which I just love, love, love!
We were both so excited we couldn't wait til the day so we had an anniversary weekend and traveled to our new city of....ASHEVILLE, North Carolina! We stayed at the beautiful Grove Park Inn and was in awe the whole time. The weather wasn't great, but we didn't mind it! We had lots of good views, conversation, and FOOD! Asheville is where its at, y'all.

We had brunch at Early Girl Eatery which was recommended to us and did not disappoint! Check out those broccoli cheddar hush-puppies. Nom nom nom nom....

 We did some exploring downtown...

 Here was our room at the Grove. I loved the cottage feel of it all.
 And our VIEW. Can you get any better? Mountains, city, skies, trees: love love love.

Big ole fireplace


 We had dinner at their restaurant, Sunset Terrace. Between the steaks and the view, it was a perfect anniversary dinner!

 A little cheesy....but french macaroons make anything cute.

 Second day we did a litte more exploring our new towns. Not sure which there is more of in Asheville, people, hippies, or pets. When places say 'pet-friendly' I don't think it compares to Asheville. Literally dogs have chairs seated next to humans in restaurants. Gonna have to get used to that...

We ate at a delicious noodle shop called Doc Chey's Noodle House.
Chicken Pad Thai

 This ex-Japanese citizen (I use citizen because of his two year stint there, but I doubt he actually had citizenship) could live off noodles. Does he speak the language, cherish the culture, or wear a Kimono? No, but he does eat a weird amount of rice and noodles...
Coffee shop right in a bus!

French Broad Chocolate Lounge...Maple Bacon ice cream is what we got!
It was such a fun, sweet weekend getaway we got to have! Looking forward to Year 2 :).