Thursday, June 20, 2013

Polish fest

Oh the ethnic festivals have begun in Milwaukee and there is a sense of excitement in the air. We went this afternoon to get Tyler's haircut and that's all the talk in the salon, let me tell you!

We began with Polish fest this weekend.

What it involved: Friends, Summerfest grounds, Pierogi's (Potatoe pancakes, as I would describe them), Polish sausages, polish beer, and random fair roller-coasters. Why not?

It was fun, and nothing like I have experienced. Unfortunately, we will miss Greek fest this weekend because we are headed out of state.

In the spirit of Greek culture, we will be going to lunch in Chicago on Saturday at The Greek Islands. Which I have been secretly planning since Rachael Ray talked about it on her show!

Next time we speak (or really, me write + you read) I will have hopefully found us our new home in Asheville! 

Over the next five days I will be traveling to Michigan, to Tennessee, to Asheville, NC, and back to Chicago where Tyler will greet me at the airport! If I wasn't sick of airplanes a year ago...I am now.


"cheers" in Polish :)

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