Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Big News

We found out Tylers new job location! Dun dun dun...(that was a drum roll)....


We are so thrilled because...

1) The obvious...its close to family and friends :)
2) Go Vols! See ya at Neyland Stadium
3) I've missed mountains!!
4) Good food so we hear
5) Closer to the ocean...

But also so sad because...

1) We love Milwaukee
2) We will miss our friends :(
3) The cheese is good here..and so are the Packers.
4) Its close to Chicago
5) It was our first home together!

So taking the good with the bad...its called change. We are looking forward to change though, and Tyler's new role with the company. We feel so blessed we are on this crazy adventure together! See ya in about a month North Carolina! :)

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