Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Teacher's Summer

Let me tell you one thing: Summer vacation is WAY better as a teacher, than a student. It's almost magical really. Especially when I don't hear my alarm clock going off at 5 AM. (Just Tyler's at 6:45 grr)

So here are some things I've been up to every morning....

Discovered my love of making smoothies. ( And eating them in bed...haha! Its summer, anything goes!)

 Finally go on runs outdoors around Waukesha!
Cleaning out closets. Eminem style.

 Visiting the beach...after a long day of packing of course!

So besides packing and running errands...that's what I am up to!

Tyler gets to join me on weekends of course. This past weekend was so wonderful. My cousins, John and Mary Nell took us to our first Brewers tailgate. Which is just insane up here... the people beside us made the running sausages just to display during the tailgates! Go Brewers!

They also joined a country club so we have access to a pool (Thanks guys! haha ;-) ) No joke...Tyler was sore from going down this slide so many times.

Guess you can't take the boy out of the man...

This weekend will be a fun one as the Heritage Festivals are starting. Milwaukee is called the City of Festivals as in, literally, there is one every weekend. We've got: The Irish Fest, German Festival, Summer Fest, Wisconsin Brew festival, Festa Italiana, Milwaukee Film, and now this weekend- Polish Festival!

So that's where you can find us this weekend :) At the largest Polish festival in the U.S....pretending to be Polish... :)

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