Sunday, May 19, 2013


May came in snowing and it looks to be going out in full-on summer! I won't complain.

I got the chance to go home last weekend for a couple of nights to go to a wedding and be with my mom on Mother's Day! It was a great two days. (Besides the awful time I had in the airports by myself for 24 hours both ways) I can't even talk about that again!

It was so great seeing old high school friends and family. Tyler, unfortunately, had to work in Michigan this week so he wasn't able to come. He lived vicariously through me though telling everyone hi!

It was a beautiful wedding and an even more stunning bride!

BFF <3

Baby makes 6!
On Mother's Day, we all went to church and headed to Market Square to eat. We tried Tupelo Honey (again) and it was (again) a 2 hour wait. So we instead went to Cafe 4. It was so nice getting to spend Mothers Day with my momma :)

...and this little guy!

When I got back to Milwaukee, after unexpectedly spending a night in Memphis (grrrr). It was back to work! It makes work a wee bit better when its days like these...

It was a beautiful week for a new resident of Milwaukee to join us....Welcome Connor!!! We were able to go out to dinner with my cousins on Wednesday to a yummy Italian place just north of Milwaukee. Tyler is wayyyy too excited he has a golf partner for the summer now. Connor stayed with us a couple nights before he could move in this weekend, and we are so excited to show him around :)

Finally Ty got back from Kalamazoo and we were able to have some weekend fun. We are still trying to go to new restaurants most of the time...and this one was a hit! Bosley on Brady. So delicious and key-west inspired. This was the Duval Street punch that was pretty addictive.
 Afterwards we went to see The Great Gatsby at the Oriental Theater downtown. We heard that even if you don't like the movie, you will love this theater. It was super unique, and built in 1927! Not much has changed, it only has 3 theaters in it but it was beautiful!

Saturday night we tried another new place, called Transfer Pizzeria. Their pizzas were terrific! I'm a pretty standard pizza eater: pepperoni and bacon, please.We also had great company with Maren and Steve, and her brother Jake!

We would definitely go back. That is, if we are here long enough! Our weekends are dwindling in Milwaukee and we are so sad :( We got the list of Tyler's job openings for his next location,so we should know the first week of June. Just praying that the Lord's hands are over it and that we are up for whatever this next year brings :).

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