Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

If you could think of all the things to do on a three day weekend...we did it plus more. I was surrounded by 4 guys all weekend playing Mama Bear, but it was such a good time! Here is some things we did around Milwaukee...

Milwaukee Brewing Company Brewery Tour..which was hilarious. As you can see Tyler Rosey on the left hand side cracking up.

We took them to the Bayview area and went to MY favorite place- Boone & Crockett. (Tennessee irony...)

 After that, we headed to Rock Bottom Brewery because those are the best deep fried cheese curds we knew of...and they were gone in a matter of mili-seconds with these guys!

The next day...all of Tyler's dreams came true...he had golf buddies in Wisconsin with him! They were so worn out after golf this is what I walked into our house too....

Yes, that is an air mattress in our living room. 

When I rallied them up...we headed to a riverboat cruise in Milwaukee! 

We recently were watching the movie Bridesmaids and realized, "hey, that bridge is in Milwaukee! "Yup, it was filmed here.

 So dang pretty. Goodness, will I miss this place!

After the cruise, we went and ate at Milwaukee Ale House on the river. Burgers of course...notice a theme of manly-man food this weekend? Afterwards we went to another restaurant where they have cornhole, which people weirdly just call "bags" up here.

The next morning came soon, and we said goodbye to our long time pals and hello to Chicago for a night! We met my cousins and some of their friends at our hotel in Lincoln Park and had SUCH a good time! I loved our hotel, Hotel Lincoln.

It was definitely art-deco themed and had a really homey feel to it. Great rooftop bar overlooking Lake Michigan and Lincoln Park as well!

It was pretty chilly on the roof, but I could have stayed there all night. However, we went to dinner at the most delicious restaurant I have ever been too- Bavette's. Literally, I will forever crave the Grand Shellfish Tower full of shrimp. But how could you go wrong with a restaurant that serves everything on one of a kind antique plates? It was right up my alley.

If you are in Chicago soon...go here!

The next morning, we had a really yummy brunch and went for a walk around the zoo in the park. (It's a free zoo too!) Who says Chicago is expensive?!

 I'd move to Chicago in a heart beat...not forever, just for a couple years. Wanna come Tyler? But really...

We will be moving soon! Its coming to an end...& I only have two more days of work! AHHHHHH.

Soon to come:

  1. Organizing & packing
  2. Finding out WHERE we are moving
  3. Doing everything we can in the Midwest while we are still here!

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