Thursday, May 23, 2013

Friends & Fun

What a fun and different weekend we have had! It seems like our Milwaukee life is finally joining forces with our Knoxville friends.  We keep saying to each other, "How crazy that we are all up here together?"

Let me explain- our friend Connor (from Knoxville) just moved up here for an internship! His brother (and Tyler's oldest friend and college roomie) just so happened to be asked for his job to come work up in Milwaukee for the week. So then Joe (Ty's other roomie) said hey, I'll drive up too! Along with Connors girlfriend, Kelly. We've had a full and happy house this week!

Here is just some snap shots from the week.

Its been a good week, but we are ready for the weekend! whewww. I see alot of brewery tours, a baseball game, a riverboat cruise, and golfing for the guys in our future this weekend.

AND a train ride to Chicago for us for Memorial day :) Summer's started yall! Let the busy/craziness begin. (& Lets add moving across the country to our list as well)

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