Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Birthday Week

What a fun birthday week I had! Birthdays are usually a day...but we find a way to stretch them into a week :) It was different, being the first birthday without my family. However, it was nice to be with just my husband for the first time! He made sure to go overboard just like my mom would, haha. On my actual birthday, we went to dinner at Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun's steakhouse. They are pretty big celebrities up here. (For all you non-sports loversl- Its the Packers quarterback and the Brewers baseball star)  Anyways, they opened up a steakhouse-like restaurant in Milwaukee and it was actually really good! Their chef changes out the menu seasonally and we ordered Cheddar-Gouda tater tots of all things! They were delicious, definitely a first time having some fancy tater tots.

We got back home and had cupcakes with Lego candles...while yes..Ty put it in my face. Champion husband right there.
Then he sent me flowers at work! This was a first. I've always dreamed of getting flowers at work...I don't know why it feels different than just getting them at home.
That weekend, we went to our favorite sushi place with my cousin, Mary Nell and John. This is our FAVORITE sushi spot. We are trying to figure out if it's better than Knoxville's Nama but we can never decide.

And yes you do see this right...there is actually sun in Wisconsin! It was so pretty this weekend I actually when golfing with Tyler!
Then we had a super yummy lunch at one of my favorite sandwich shops downtown that we can walk to.
Sunday we went to game 4 of the playoff games for the Bucks. Unfortuneately, they played the Heat. But fortunate for us because NBA tickets are cheap up here and who doesn't wanna see the Heat for Bucks prices?

We went to brunch in the Third Ward at Cafe Benelux and ate outdoors. It was such a beautiful weekend we tried to staying outside as long as we could! And the Riverwalk in Milwaukee makes that easy to do.

Holllar! Clay Matthews was there sitting courtside. (Again, Packers stud)

Lebron is a monster.
Last Bucks game...maybe ever for us! We are getting pretty sentimental and sad thinking about leaving. We have truly loved it here. It might make it a little easier to move once we know where we are going!

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