Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baked Chicken Fajitas


Make soon as you can!

It's so good. & healthy! We had it tonight, and it will be going in the recipe box. 

Baked Chicken Fajitas from Six Sister's Stuff

(Click for recipe link)

Here was mine...not as pretty as their picture but tasted just as yummy. For two fajitas with sour cream, lettuce, cheese and avocado- less than 500 calories!


Memorial Day Weekend

If you could think of all the things to do on a three day weekend...we did it plus more. I was surrounded by 4 guys all weekend playing Mama Bear, but it was such a good time! Here is some things we did around Milwaukee...

Milwaukee Brewing Company Brewery Tour..which was hilarious. As you can see Tyler Rosey on the left hand side cracking up.

We took them to the Bayview area and went to MY favorite place- Boone & Crockett. (Tennessee irony...)

 After that, we headed to Rock Bottom Brewery because those are the best deep fried cheese curds we knew of...and they were gone in a matter of mili-seconds with these guys!

The next day...all of Tyler's dreams came true...he had golf buddies in Wisconsin with him! They were so worn out after golf this is what I walked into our house too....

Yes, that is an air mattress in our living room. 

When I rallied them up...we headed to a riverboat cruise in Milwaukee! 

We recently were watching the movie Bridesmaids and realized, "hey, that bridge is in Milwaukee! "Yup, it was filmed here.

 So dang pretty. Goodness, will I miss this place!

After the cruise, we went and ate at Milwaukee Ale House on the river. Burgers of course...notice a theme of manly-man food this weekend? Afterwards we went to another restaurant where they have cornhole, which people weirdly just call "bags" up here.

The next morning came soon, and we said goodbye to our long time pals and hello to Chicago for a night! We met my cousins and some of their friends at our hotel in Lincoln Park and had SUCH a good time! I loved our hotel, Hotel Lincoln.

It was definitely art-deco themed and had a really homey feel to it. Great rooftop bar overlooking Lake Michigan and Lincoln Park as well!

It was pretty chilly on the roof, but I could have stayed there all night. However, we went to dinner at the most delicious restaurant I have ever been too- Bavette's. Literally, I will forever crave the Grand Shellfish Tower full of shrimp. But how could you go wrong with a restaurant that serves everything on one of a kind antique plates? It was right up my alley.

If you are in Chicago soon...go here!

The next morning, we had a really yummy brunch and went for a walk around the zoo in the park. (It's a free zoo too!) Who says Chicago is expensive?!

 I'd move to Chicago in a heart beat...not forever, just for a couple years. Wanna come Tyler? But really...

We will be moving soon! Its coming to an end...& I only have two more days of work! AHHHHHH.

Soon to come:

  1. Organizing & packing
  2. Finding out WHERE we are moving
  3. Doing everything we can in the Midwest while we are still here!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Friends & Fun

What a fun and different weekend we have had! It seems like our Milwaukee life is finally joining forces with our Knoxville friends.  We keep saying to each other, "How crazy that we are all up here together?"

Let me explain- our friend Connor (from Knoxville) just moved up here for an internship! His brother (and Tyler's oldest friend and college roomie) just so happened to be asked for his job to come work up in Milwaukee for the week. So then Joe (Ty's other roomie) said hey, I'll drive up too! Along with Connors girlfriend, Kelly. We've had a full and happy house this week!

Here is just some snap shots from the week.

Its been a good week, but we are ready for the weekend! whewww. I see alot of brewery tours, a baseball game, a riverboat cruise, and golfing for the guys in our future this weekend.

AND a train ride to Chicago for us for Memorial day :) Summer's started yall! Let the busy/craziness begin. (& Lets add moving across the country to our list as well)

Sunday, May 19, 2013


May came in snowing and it looks to be going out in full-on summer! I won't complain.

I got the chance to go home last weekend for a couple of nights to go to a wedding and be with my mom on Mother's Day! It was a great two days. (Besides the awful time I had in the airports by myself for 24 hours both ways) I can't even talk about that again!

It was so great seeing old high school friends and family. Tyler, unfortunately, had to work in Michigan this week so he wasn't able to come. He lived vicariously through me though telling everyone hi!

It was a beautiful wedding and an even more stunning bride!

BFF <3

Baby makes 6!
On Mother's Day, we all went to church and headed to Market Square to eat. We tried Tupelo Honey (again) and it was (again) a 2 hour wait. So we instead went to Cafe 4. It was so nice getting to spend Mothers Day with my momma :)

...and this little guy!

When I got back to Milwaukee, after unexpectedly spending a night in Memphis (grrrr). It was back to work! It makes work a wee bit better when its days like these...

It was a beautiful week for a new resident of Milwaukee to join us....Welcome Connor!!! We were able to go out to dinner with my cousins on Wednesday to a yummy Italian place just north of Milwaukee. Tyler is wayyyy too excited he has a golf partner for the summer now. Connor stayed with us a couple nights before he could move in this weekend, and we are so excited to show him around :)

Finally Ty got back from Kalamazoo and we were able to have some weekend fun. We are still trying to go to new restaurants most of the time...and this one was a hit! Bosley on Brady. So delicious and key-west inspired. This was the Duval Street punch that was pretty addictive.
 Afterwards we went to see The Great Gatsby at the Oriental Theater downtown. We heard that even if you don't like the movie, you will love this theater. It was super unique, and built in 1927! Not much has changed, it only has 3 theaters in it but it was beautiful!

Saturday night we tried another new place, called Transfer Pizzeria. Their pizzas were terrific! I'm a pretty standard pizza eater: pepperoni and bacon, please.We also had great company with Maren and Steve, and her brother Jake!

We would definitely go back. That is, if we are here long enough! Our weekends are dwindling in Milwaukee and we are so sad :( We got the list of Tyler's job openings for his next location,so we should know the first week of June. Just praying that the Lord's hands are over it and that we are up for whatever this next year brings :).

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


What a busy weekend we had! I didn't know we could fit so much into 72 hours...but somehow we managed to. Tyler's parents and brother came to visit and see where and how we live! Tyler and I love showing people around this city we call 'home'.

Friday night we took a walk downtown and went to our favorite, Taylor's. Its always a fun place to go. Then we came back and had my Strawberry Dessert. (Click for recipe link).

Unfortuneately, I've been a little under the weather but tried to power through my sickness! I do feel better but I'm without a voice...which makes it incredibly hard to be a preschool teacher. Today I got this from a 4 year old, "Your voice sounds annoy-ning." Thank you, preschoolers, thank you for your honesty.

Anyway, we showed Tys family around the Third  Ward, Public Market, the Riverwalk, Bradford Beach, and Bayshore. Whew! Lots of places to see in a day!
Milwaukee ale house

 Oh! We squeezed in a brewers game. They played the Cardinals. One of the things I will miss the very most will be the Brewers games. I can't believe I'm saying this after we saw them lose 10-1. But I can't help it, they're too fun. Tailgating is bigger than the game up here.

packed house and open roof

We even made it to A.J. Bombers. We are looking forward to more traveling and visitors coming soon. I will be headed home for sweet Allison's wedding this weekend and Tyler will head to Michigan for work :(

Maybe next time I blog we will know where we are moving?! But probably not!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Birthday Week

What a fun birthday week I had! Birthdays are usually a day...but we find a way to stretch them into a week :) It was different, being the first birthday without my family. However, it was nice to be with just my husband for the first time! He made sure to go overboard just like my mom would, haha. On my actual birthday, we went to dinner at Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun's steakhouse. They are pretty big celebrities up here. (For all you non-sports loversl- Its the Packers quarterback and the Brewers baseball star)  Anyways, they opened up a steakhouse-like restaurant in Milwaukee and it was actually really good! Their chef changes out the menu seasonally and we ordered Cheddar-Gouda tater tots of all things! They were delicious, definitely a first time having some fancy tater tots.

We got back home and had cupcakes with Lego candles...while yes..Ty put it in my face. Champion husband right there.
Then he sent me flowers at work! This was a first. I've always dreamed of getting flowers at work...I don't know why it feels different than just getting them at home.
That weekend, we went to our favorite sushi place with my cousin, Mary Nell and John. This is our FAVORITE sushi spot. We are trying to figure out if it's better than Knoxville's Nama but we can never decide.

And yes you do see this right...there is actually sun in Wisconsin! It was so pretty this weekend I actually when golfing with Tyler!
Then we had a super yummy lunch at one of my favorite sandwich shops downtown that we can walk to.
Sunday we went to game 4 of the playoff games for the Bucks. Unfortuneately, they played the Heat. But fortunate for us because NBA tickets are cheap up here and who doesn't wanna see the Heat for Bucks prices?

We went to brunch in the Third Ward at Cafe Benelux and ate outdoors. It was such a beautiful weekend we tried to staying outside as long as we could! And the Riverwalk in Milwaukee makes that easy to do.

Holllar! Clay Matthews was there sitting courtside. (Again, Packers stud)

Lebron is a monster.
Last Bucks game...maybe ever for us! We are getting pretty sentimental and sad thinking about leaving. We have truly loved it here. It might make it a little easier to move once we know where we are going!