Monday, April 22, 2013

Exploring Wisconsin

I won't lie. We have been doing some fun stuff. Even the littlest hint of Spring makes us want to explore Wisconsin. This time it led us to Madison. I have to say Madison is the cutest, coolest, funnest college town I ever did see. You are doing something right University of Wisconsin!

The farmer's market opened at the Capitol this weekend. I can't tell you how many cheese stands there were but I loved every single one with free samples.

We had lunch at The Old Fashioned. It may have given me an awful stomachache but it was worth every greasy bite it was so good. I loved it because it really takes every delicious food item Wisconsin is known for and uses it in their menu! Their cheese curds were featured on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" on the Food Network. I would agree with the title of the show. Then their burgers...oh my. Too good. (Hence the tummy ache later) Then of course, an Old Fashioned with brandy was too good.

We went to the Badgers Red and White game. Let me tell y'all...they don't have nothin on Tennessee. But we couldn't be at the Orange and White game this Saturday...and since they don't play each other...this was our second best option!

UT had about 60,000 fans in attendance...poor Badgers only had around 10,000. Come on Wisconsinites, support your team!

We had so much fun exploring their campus though. Their Student Union is right on the lake...with a beer hall in their study area! Is that illegal? The North is crazy but I love it.

We also made it to a Brewers game this weekend with my cousins Mary Nell and John! SO much fun. John is mister fancypants and had tickets right behind home plate AND in the club boxes. Thank you!!

Brewers swept the Cubs yay! I sure am going to miss all these sporting events Wisconsin offers. Since we will be moving this summer...our weekends are limited! We are trying to squeeze in as much as possible!

But the important stuff...tonight is my last night as a 22 year old. Ahh 22. The year I got married. The year I graduated college. The year I moved far, far away. The year I got my first job. And yes, the year I could listen to Taylor Swift's song "22" and really, genuinely sing the lyrics with a purpose. You've been good to me 22!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Pizza


We are still chugging along in this awful weather in Wisconsin. Hope you Knoxvillians are REALLY enjoying that 80 degree weather...must be nice! Today we broke 50 degrees and it felt like mid summer. You take what you can get up here. 

Speaking of hottness... Buffalo Chicken Pizza.I have been trying to do easier, quick week night meals lately because of being a working woman! This was an easy one. Tyler and I are on a buffalo chicken kick right now. Let's be honest, Frank's Hot tastes good on just about anything. I kind of just threw this together and it turned our pretty good!

Atleast got Tyler's taste of approval...which is pretty easy to do in all actuality.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Rotisserie Chicken
Frank's Hot Wing Sauce
Store bought pizza dough
Extra virgin olive oil
Ranch dressing (light)
Mozzarella Cheese
Green onions

Really you can do this with picking your own amount of all ingredients. 
But first I shredded the rotisserie chicken, (I used about half of the chicken) and mixed with about a half a cup of Frank's Hot sauce. Measure to your liking! 
Flatten pizza dough and spread on pizza pan, brush with olive oil. Spread a thin layer of ranch dressing.
Spread chicken out on the dough, top with cheese.
Bake to dough instructions then broil to get it a little crispy on top.
When finished, top with green onions and parmesan cheese if you wish! Of course, we wished.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


We have had one of the best weeks in a long while! Within about ten days...we got to see Tyler's parents, go to a beautiful wedding in Knoxville and see some long lost friends, spend Easter with my family, and lay on the beach in Tulum, Mexico for five days.

The wedding was so much fun. It was our first wedding as a married couple and I swear I teared up at almost every sentimental moment. I haven't had kids yet, so I can say the day we got married changed us more than any other day in our life. Life is sweet. It was so good to see Amy and Spenser share that same joy! I better bring on the Kleenex's cause that was the first of six weddings in the next 4 months we are trying to attend!

Now that I'm getting a little mushy...I'll keep going. We love our friends. We love our family. Nothing makes you realize that more than moving away. I really cherish every time we get to see any of them!

With that said, we had a great Easter! & everyone loved the Wisconsin cheese and sausage we brought :)

After Easter I boarded a plane for a sweet vacation with my husband!

This was our first "working" vacation. As in, we used our big boy/girl job vacation days and made our own spring break! I really think I enjoyed it more than any spring break in school. Something about working hard and looking forward to it for awhile made it even better! It was also nice to get out of our crazy lives for a awhile. I know ever since we moved to Milwaukee, it feels like we are always traveling and on the go. Its usually to see people and see new places and cities, but this time it was just to relax. And that is exactly what we did!
It took us about a day to get used to not having to do ANYTHING. No laundry, no cooking, no cleaning, no electronics, no texting. Like I said, it lasted about a day then we didn't wanna go back to reality!

However, we did get to see our families coming home so it didn't make it SO hard to come back.

of course mom didn't want to be in the picture with this little cutie!

Made it to Litton's :)
Although I was sad to leave, I enjoy going back to our little home and going back to somewhat of a routine here in Wisconsin! If only I could see the sun again...