Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Waiting for Winter to end

So my title pretty much explains it. We are patiently (or not) waiting for the day when Spring comes. I thought today was the day...March 20th...first day of Spring. Guess what? It was a wind chill of -1 degree bringing this Spring in! So what do we do while we wait? Here are some things. Most of these things I pretend that it is warm and sunny out so I don't realize I am standing in pact snow.

I went on a field trip to the Milwaukee Zoo.

I forget how FUN the zoo is with little kids! I have never been an animal lover...ever. As probably 99% of you reading this already know...but the excitement these kids brought to the zoo over seeing EVERY single animal made me an animal lover for a couple hours.

And I would actually recommend the zoo in the winter. We literally had the whole park to ourselves! It was even warm this day...high of 20s.

What else do we do in the winter?

Normal Wisconsinite things: go cheese shopping.

Brennan's food market...I could spend days there looking at all the cheese.

Speaking of cheese...I tend to make Tyler take me into my Milwaukee for my favorite grilled cheese sandwich in the whole world at least once a week.


 I mean really...whoever thought of mozzarella, cheddar, avocado spread, and red onion jam is a genius. And has me addicted.

We do touristy things like go on brewery tours. This was the MillerCoors tour. It is really fun to see all this history from over a 100 years ago in Miller Valley.

We go on road trips! Here we went to Indianapolis to visit Ty's parents. I really like Downtown Indy. It's like I can just smell Peyton's spirit there. (insert bad Vols joke/reference here)

So there is a  few glimpses into our past month. Just a little preview as to what Winter is like here! To be honest, everyuone just lives life like normal. Whethere there is 3 feet of snow on the ground or goes on here like it would if it was 80 degrees.

But it will be nice to actually be in 80 degrees....counting down the days til we head home on Good Friday to celebrate Easter and a wedding with family and friends. Then vacation time far far away from the cold :)

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