Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Walking Dead

So Saturday night may have been one of my very favorite nights. Possibly in my top 5. Over the past six months, 
 Ty and I have been obsessed over the TV show The Walking Dead. For those of you that don't know what it is...just watch it. For me to explain the plot, you would say we were crazy for loving a zombie-apocolypse show. Okay I gave a little away.

So we have been waiting for the cast and creators to come have a show at the Riverside Theater for months! They did three shows in the U.S. and crazily, they picked Milwaukee as the finale. My sweet, zombie-crazed husband got us tickets on the 4th row. THANK YOU! It was awesome. To top it off...they came down to the first couple of rows to meet and greet. Oh yes, we were beyond pumped. FYI for you crazed fans like us...Maggie actually has a British accent. Who knew?

aren't they cute?

The funny thing was...they are kind of just like their characters. Except Maggie, she was more of a proper girl than a bad-A. But Darryl has the natural character part down to a T.

Fun, fun night! Oh and to top it off, we ate at A.J. Bombers before for the first time. "Best Burger in Milwaukee" dubbed by  Food Wars.

Super fun place...these little rocketships are filled with peanuts, then pushed on a track to your table and spill out peanuts. Next visitors that come up here...we are taking you here!

If you want to see this place on the Food Wars episode, click here :)

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