Monday, February 18, 2013


What I couldn't say on my last post...was that the number one thing I was looking forward to most was flying to KNOXVILLE. Yup that's right, last weekend I woke up at 3:30 AM to fly home to Knoxville for a cool 24 hours to surprise my mom. I was getting a bit homesick and my mom was getting a bit daughter sick. So it was quite a surprised face I saw when I walked into lunch where my mom was eating at Cheddar's. Its going to be about 6 more weeks til we were going to be home again, so it was a good halfway point between Christmas and Easter to visit. Sadly, Ty got some extra work in over the weekend so he didn't get to come.

I didn't think I could pack so much into 24 hours...but somehow I did. Saturday we went to lunch, went shopping, made chocolate covered strawberries, and managed to take  nap before heading to Big Ed's Pizza. (Per Greg's request)

got some snuggle time in with this cutie

first time I had seen the sun AND short sleeves in months!

It was also my precious friend Becca's birthday...whom I have missed SO much! So I made it out to Barley's after dinner to see her and some more friends whose faces I needed to see.

happy birthday bec!

missed this girl as well :)
 The next day we went to lunch in Market Square before I headed back for the dreaded airport. You don't realize how precious time is with your family until you don't have it as much as you would like to. So treasure it people who live less than 11 hours away from your family!

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