Thursday, February 7, 2013

Super Bowl Apps

I made three delicious appetizers for the super bowl all from...wait for it...any guesses? 
You got it. 

So instead of boring you with the recipes, I will give you the link and just click on the name to take you to the recipe!!

1st on the Menu:
These were unusually delicious...and made by Tyler. So maybe that's why :)

Charleston Cheese Dip 
My husband describes this as saying "literally there is nothing better that I could ever eat than this" It brings back so many memories of the lakehouse in college when Mrs. Rosenbaum would make it for about thirty 20 year olds! Only wish we enjoyed it with each and every one of them :)

 Buffalo Chicken Sliders 
These hit the spot. They are going to have to be my go-to tailgating food from now on. Who doesn't love buffalo chicken? And on cute little sliders? Nothin's better. The leftover chicken was even delicious on a grilled quesadilla with Monterrey jack cheese for lunch!

All in all, the superbowl is a fun food Sunday.

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