Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I feel like a proud mama bear. This past week I've been filled with joy over some people close to me. Two of them...but really all these girls...are high school seniors who felt The Lord working in them and needed to share it. I've known these girls since they were 15 and I've loved watching them grow. Nell and Shelby were able to stand in front of their high school peers and openly share the gospel in hopes others might hear.I couldn't be happier than I am knowing these girls are in good hands and in a phenomenal community of believers as they finish senior year! I only wish I could be there to share it...but I am from 600 miles away!

Another proud moment? My cute little husband in our paper for being in charge of the United Way Foundation at his plant for Eaton Corp. As an engineer I don't think he ever thought he would be in charge of charity foundations but he worked really hard and earned recognition! 

And that brings me to tonight...which started off with our power being off for about three hours. It was cold. And there was a winter storm warning. This was about a half foot of snow. We will be getting tons more over the next 24 hours...but don't you worry...school will still go on! (Ridiculous)
what he does best...throw snowballs

this was in the middle of me saying "snooooow"
and ending the night with homemade hot chocolate...thanks Starbucks for the huge marshmallows!
This weekend we will make our way to Indianapolis to see Ty's parents! Lets hope for less snow...

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