Thursday, February 7, 2013

Looking forward...

While enjoying the beautiful snow looking out our windows...I'm in awe that I live somewhere that God's beauty is so evident!
But... on those depressing nights where I am so dang homesick, I can't help but think about the things I am so looking forward to...while or when  the beautiful snow melts! (fingers crossed that Spring comes in March!)

#1 Walking Dead


#2 Meeting the cast of this wonderful show! One more week...

#3 Valentine's Day...ok a little cheesy. But I'm a  preschool teacher...we live for these fun days where you get 15 boxes of heart shaped chocolates from sweet 4 year olds with snot running down their noses...

#4 March...just the month in general.

Bringing two HUGE things I CANNOT wait for...#5 and #6

Easter & a wedding in KNOXVILLE

 ..which brings the very next day a WARM VACATION just off the Riviera Maya in Akumel, Mexico!

Just booked it and counting down...literally...54 days.

So while the snow is fun and pretty and still gotta have other things to look forward to! Especially in -4 degree weather...

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