Monday, February 4, 2013

Around Milwaukee

Sorry to you few readers I have...(mostly family) but I have been a disappointing blogger. Last week consisted of laying in bed for four straight days because of sickness! Went to a doctor finally and got medicine for a viral respiratory infection. That's another confusing thing about moving...finding a doctor. I think I should write a book on things you don't think about when you move states.

Anyways, that's for another blog, another day.

Here is what we were able to do when I was not sick!

Marquette game with my cousins Mary Nell and John! We have been wanting to go to a Marquette basketball game since we moved here...and thankfully they asked us!

Not to mention they had VIP tickets so it was an extra bonus.
Dinner before under the stadium and sweeet seats. Thankful they must have been big guys on campus at Marquette ;-)

We had a blast!

So grateful I have kin up here as well :)

 This Saturday...we spent the day doing some of our favorite things in Milwaukee. Visited the Third Ward and ate at my favorite place Swig. Then we visited the Public Market for some delicious cheese, of course. Then we met up with a few friends to go to the Great Lakes Distillery Tour. It was interesting...a little different than a brewery tour but just as fun! Brewery tours are a huge thing up here. Along with cheese...and packers.

The next day was also a HUGE day...Super Bowl Sunday! We had Maren and Steve over and I went a little crazy in the kitchen. I will post the recipes in the next blog :)

Now that football is all said and done with...we are counting down til August when it's FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!

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