Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to a routine

I cannot express just how good it was to be home! We were so thankful we got over a week off so we could actually stay more than two days. I love Milwaukee, but I just want it to be closer to Knoxville! Sometimes I wish I could just pick up our home and this city and move it to Tennessee. Maybe one day....

For the meantime...back to Milwaukee. But we weren't really there for even 48 hours before I planned a little surprise getaway to Chicago for Tyler's birthday. I had been keeping this secret for about two months and I HATED keeping a secret. Tyler has been wanting to go to this comedy club called The Second City foreverrr. It is basically where Saturday Night Live actors get their start. So I got tickets us to go!

On the way into Chicago...we stopped at our favorite restaurant...maybe ever. DMK Burger Bar by Wrigley field. We first saw it on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. No surprise there. We love the food network.

At this point, we literally pulled over on the side of the road where it said "No Parking Maximum Penalty"...hopped out of the car with our hazards on, took a quick picture, then out of no where a crazy snow storm came and felt like a tornado.

Hopefully we will be back in the summer for some Cubs games :)

Then we headed to our hotel. We stayed at one of our favorite places in Chicago- Avenue Crown Plaza. 

We walked around the city for awhile and watched some football (Packers). Tyler got to choose where we ate and of course he did some research (he probably funds Google's employees he does so much Googling). 

So the Purple Pig it was. And it was delicious. It was also a two hour wait. Probably won't do that again anytime soon but it was a great experience!

We had plenty of time as well because the Second City show didn't start til 11:00! 

Late night. It lasted until 2 am. Somehow we got the very front row, my feet were literally on stage here. Of course I got called when they were doing improv. They said I had the "sweetest voice." They really just need to get to the south more! But I have never laughed so hard in my life as those three hours. I would recommend this place to anyone coming to Chicago. We will definitely be going back!

So we had a blast! We even squeezed in a Bucks game that same weekend :)

They played Houston The only player I have heard of was Jeremy Lin. Unfortunately, they lost. Also unfortunately, we haven't seen them win yet :( Maybe next time Bucks!

So its been a fun past month...but we are glad we just got to relax this weekend and actually stay in Milwaukee for the first time in weeks. However, fellow Wisconsinites are in mourning this week because of the Packers loss :(. We'll get 'em next year! I guess I'm a fan for life now...

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