Saturday, December 29, 2012

Friends come to MKE!

This is long overdue....

We were beyond thrilled to find out some of our best friends were making their way up the United States to come visit us! I get homesick quite a bit...and i miss these guys a lot. And we had a blast! We tried to pack everything into three days and it was mostly successful!

For breakfast, we took them to Comet Cafe after my cousin saw it on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Lots of bacon! Our waiter was nice and could tell we weren't from here so she offered to take our picture. Not sure if we should be embarrassed or grateful.

After that, we headed to the beach/lake. I thought it would be a real quick trip with a picture. But forgetting that when Tyler and Tyler are together they are too little four year old boys. We probably skipped rocks for over an hour.

good form huh?
After the beach...we showed them around Bayshore and Downtown Waukesha. We stayed home that night and had taco salad and played with the nerf guns they got us...yup we are 22 years old.


We also accomplished another mark off of our bucket list. Sometimes, the first thing people ask us when we say "Milwaukee" is "Have you been to the Safehouse yet?" Its a classic question here. And in this crazy five months we have spent here...we actually haven't been yet! The only explanation we get is that it is a 'spy themed' restaurant....okay...

SO we type it into our GPS. It is down an alley...there is no sign for it...there is actually another sign on the door that is supposed to throw you off. We trusted out GPS and walked in. It was almost like a small study surrounded by books. No people, nothing. I saw a handle kind of like a slot machine and pulled it...the bookcase opened. That was the entrance to the restaurant. AND turns out...they have cameras everywhere so people watch first-times like us try and get in.

So this place was definitely like no other we have seen. Spy memorabilia EVERYWHERE. Food was okay...but more just entertaining. AND you are called a 'spy' the entire time. Everytime the waitress passes: "Can I get you spies anything?" Cheesy much.

After the memorable 'Safehouse' we got reallllllllll lucky and Tobias Harris got us courtside tickets to the Bucks vs the Clippers game. (NO big deal right?) We were PUMPED to say the least. So glad someone as nice as Tobias Harris is a Vol for life as well! Thank you Tobias!!!!!

Unfortuneately, he was hurt so he did not get to play. But we got to see some other studs!

Yes we were five feet from Lamar Odom, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Monte Ellis, Brandon Jennings.....

The Bucks ended up losing...but we all decided it was one of the funnest nights of our lives. Funnest may not be a real word...but in this case I will use it :)

All in all, it was one of the best weekends in Milwaukee so far. Thanks for coming Tyler and Aubrey!!! We are so grateful for the relationships the Lord has blessed us with!

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