Sunday, December 9, 2012

December busy-ness

We have been so busy I am trying to find room for blogging! Now that the Walking Dead is not coming on again until Febuary (which is completely and utterly heartbreaking) I may have a little more time on Sunday nights to keep this blog up to date!

What have we been doing...well last week we headed back to Indianapolis for the Big Ten Championship. Wisconsin vs. Nebraska. We decided since we were Wisconsinites we should probably go since Tennessee hasn't been in a  championship game in far too long! (shout out to Butch Jones though we are pumped for him up here! He seems so enthusiastic and really excited to be here)

Anyways...Ty's dad had tickets and wasn't going to use them so we hopped in the car and drove four hours to go! Downtown is a blast. The SEC championship was going on before our game so we got to watch most of it while driving. Poor Georgia guys. They tried.

But Wisconsin was the victor here in a blowout!

The Colts stadium was sweeeeet
This weekend was very Christmasy. We completed our Christmas Tree. We shopped and wrapped tons of gifts. Then Saturday night my cousin Mary Nell and her husband invited us to an Eggnog Social in Milwaukee. It was tons of fun! I can handle about a sip of eggnog though and then I'm through.But we had a blast. Then went for a little late night gyro's that were delicious.

Here at the Kiste household we are mentally preparing for the Lions vs Packers game. It's important to Ty, being a diehard Lions fan, that he is constantly surrounded by Packers fanatics here. Packer fans here aren't like normal NFL is like their way of life. College football almost means nothing to them. I constantly have to tell them who the Vols are. Sad.

Counting down the days til we are back in Big Orange Country! 2 weeks.
Counting down the days til these beautiful people are coming to visit! 4 days. AHHHHHH

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