Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving in Indy

We have so been looking forward to Thanksgiving break! You have no idea how much you treasure sleeping in when you get up at 4:45 AM everyday. It was almost like Christmas. Besides that, we got to see Tyler's family and explore their new city in Indianapolis! Oh, and ate some delicious food.
Turkey made from a butter mold...genius!

delicious desserts
There is a story about this apple pie in a paper actually won the best apple pie tasting test on the food network. So on the show " Throwdown with Bobby Flay" he came up here to a farm in Wisconsin and battled them! The Elegant Farmer won and now went there to try one of their famous pies! It was delishhhh.

 We even had Thanksgiving with Ty's good friend Ben in Germany! 

The next night, we explored downtown Indianapolis and went to the Christmas tree lighting. Even was so cold we left before it was lit :)
 Tyler's dad took us to a cool place called Weber Grill. They make everything on their Weber grills! It was a success.
 I really should start using my camera instead of my phone.
 Family pic!
pretty architecture

This mall was sweeeet. It was right downtown and four stories high

 All in all it was a great Thanksgiving weekend! I missed my family but glad to spend time with my new family and friends!

And we will see them again the Big Ten Championship back in Indy! Colts stadium to be exact...which is why I agreed to go...because its indoors.  Yall in TN don't realize how cold it can really be!

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