Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving in Indy

We have so been looking forward to Thanksgiving break! You have no idea how much you treasure sleeping in when you get up at 4:45 AM everyday. It was almost like Christmas. Besides that, we got to see Tyler's family and explore their new city in Indianapolis! Oh, and ate some delicious food.
Turkey made from a butter mold...genius!

delicious desserts
There is a story about this apple pie in a paper actually won the best apple pie tasting test on the food network. So on the show " Throwdown with Bobby Flay" he came up here to a farm in Wisconsin and battled them! The Elegant Farmer won and now went there to try one of their famous pies! It was delishhhh.

 We even had Thanksgiving with Ty's good friend Ben in Germany! 

The next night, we explored downtown Indianapolis and went to the Christmas tree lighting. Even was so cold we left before it was lit :)
 Tyler's dad took us to a cool place called Weber Grill. They make everything on their Weber grills! It was a success.
 I really should start using my camera instead of my phone.
 Family pic!
pretty architecture

This mall was sweeeet. It was right downtown and four stories high

 All in all it was a great Thanksgiving weekend! I missed my family but glad to spend time with my new family and friends!

And we will see them again the Big Ten Championship back in Indy! Colts stadium to be exact...which is why I agreed to go...because its indoors.  Yall in TN don't realize how cold it can really be!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas before Thanksgiving

Well it may just be November 12th but we are ready for Christmas here in Wisconsin! I know its early...but my reasoning is that we won't be here for the Thanksgiving or even Christmas/New Year holidays. So we might as well enjoy it in the meantime!

Tyler worked for a solid hour on hanging this garland...proud of him. In his defense it was difficult.

Had to leave room for our gingerbread house!

And our first tree together! It was hard to get a great picture because the sun is just beaming in right there.

While we were decorating it was beautiful and 65 degrees. Today it is 29 degrees with a wind chill of 10 degrees. 

Woohooo Happy fall/winter!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

First NBA game

Tyler and I both have never been to a NBA game before. So we were really excited to have a team in our own city to cheer on! We watched them against the Celtics last night and I have never had more fun! We absolutely loved it. I mean these guys are MONSTERS. Not normal human size. They are real real tall.

We were even more pumped because Vol alum Tobias Harris plays for the Bucks! I secretly watched him the whole time. I just think he is great.

Oh yes and that is us in the left hand upper corner. We made the jumbotron and got a tshirt!

Bucks lost by two :( But we will be back to cheer them on again!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Keeping up

Y'all...I am so sorry I have not been keeping up as of lately! Goodness gracious we have been busy since we got back from Knoxville two weeks ago. To start off...its cold here...and it is dark at 4:30 PM. I think we may be in Alaska, not sure.

But we have been making the best of it and hitting up some football.

Michigan State played the Badgers and we have been dying to go to Madison since we moved here. Thanks for taking us Maren and Steve!

Did I mention we were on the first row??

Just the capitol building in Madison...I was amazed

 This was our mad/cold face because it was absolutely freezing and we were on metal bleachers.

But Michigan State ended up winning in overtime! So Tyler has a happy man...but the rest of Wisconsin was not so happy.

To end our weekend each Sunday, we go to Buffalo Wild Wing's after church to watch Tyler's precious Lions who are never on regular cable. Since we are the only two Lion's fans (me by marriage) we are greeted by hundreds of Packer's fans.

 Welcome to Wisconsin I guess!

 This past weekend, we went out with my sweet  cousin who is a Milwaukee native with her husband John! They know the best restaurants here and we love getting together with them. We went to a delicious Mexican restaurant called Cempazuchi's that was actually on the Food Network's 'Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives'. We will definitely be going back!

We also started a deadly obsession ..we watched the Walking Dead first season. Bad idea/greatest idea. I love it and hate it all the same. I just remind myself through out the day that zombies are not real.

Besides that...we are looking forward to decorating for Christmas and going to the Bucks vs. Celtics game this weekend! wooohooooo.

Miss you all in Tennessee :(