Saturday, September 8, 2012

Home Sweet Home To Me

When we came mom acted like we hadn't been home in years...maybe decades. But it wouldn't have felt like home if she hadn't done that! We arrived late from the airport and was so happy to be back in my childhood bedroom...
 And home with these two cuties....
 As I knew we would not be home during week days hardly any this year...I knew I had to visit my old student teaching preschool and see all my precious kiddos! It almost brought tears to my eyes. I love them so I have a whole new class of Wisconsian children instead of these Oak Ridge cuties!
 Later that Saturday night...we had a reunion with my whole family. It was my cousin Peyton's 18th birthday and they just went all out! My aunt's compared all their hard work and stress to my wedding day. They won't admit it...but they love big events!
It was at this cute little barn that happened to be right in Powell. Powell never ceases to amaze me with hidden gems! We were more than happy to be reunited :)

All of the cousin's but missing Dillon!

Happpy Birthday Peyton!!!

Later that night...we wanted to see absolutely everyone we could. So all of our friends, a few cousins, and my brother and Jessica went and gathered at OCI for hours on Saturday night. It felt good...and it felt like college again! It is such a blessing to have such a huge group of people close to us that care enough to  come out and  celebrate when we come home. I wish I had taken pictures of it! I think I was so excited I just never even thought to get out my camera.

The next day, Boom's Day, as we like to call it in Knoxville, Landon, my mom, and I just needed some Lenny's! Downtown Knoxville hadn't changed in a month and it was good to be back. After being in Milwaukee, it seems so teeny tiny, but home.

Lenny's success. For Dinner, the whole fam damily went over to my Nana's for a homecooked Sunday meal. On the menu: Meatloaf, fried okra, green beans, maccarooni salad, and sweet potatoes. Nothin' like it!
Thank you Nana!

AND for dessert...I made a favorite in our Kiste//Wright/Tipton house hold.

Strawberry Delight Tall-Cake

No one ever knows what to call it..the name changes everytime

They just beg "Kacey make that strawberry stuff!!"


1 Sour Cream Angel Food Cake
1 can sweetened condensed milk
8 oz cream cheese
1 cup frozen strawberries with sugar
1 batch fresh strawberries
1 large cool whip container

Slice the angel food cake into four layers. Cut fresh strawberries.
In small bowl mix condensed milk with cream cheese until well blended. Spoon out frozen strawberries and stir into mix. Add 3/4 of fresh strawberries. Fold in cool whip.
Layer in trifle dish with angel food cake and mixture.
Top with the remaining strawberries! And I promise it will be a delicious dessert!

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