Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Fall y'all

It may not officially be fall for another two weeks, but up here in Wisconsin (say that in a Northern accent like I do) it's definitely fall! I love right now. Love Love Love it. One way I know it is fall: it is windy and long sleeves feels heavenly out with a high of 70 degrees everyday. Here are some other ways I know it is fall...

Farmers Market purchases
 Fresh Autumn Flowers
Pumpkins everywhere
 Wine crates become decor
 Candy corn candy corn candy corn & candy corn
 Pumpkin beer
 scrumptious smells
 and last but not least...footballl!
go packers! I guess...?


Christina Clevenger said...

Give it a few more games and you will be consumed in all things Packers. When I first moved here I was like eh.. Packers? Now I request off for every game. Lol.

kacey said...

Hahaha I know! It will probably be sooner rather than later!