Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bucket List Saturday

Being in the working world now...we crave the weekends. We used to be able to do fun stuff every night when we first moved here because Ty hadn't started working yet and I was unemployed! Boy, was that the life. However, we are fortunate and blessed to have great jobs now! But that doesn't mean we don't cram everything we can into a weekend.

Friday Date night at the Cheesecake Factory
 And our jam packed Saturday begins...
Walking to the Farmer's Market for our weekly fresh flowers, corn, and apple cider!

A little antiquing...

Matching cords. married life
I have been wanting to go to this wine bar and tapas restaurant since we have been here! It's called Swig.
It ended up being as delicious as everyone said.
It even had a fireplace which came in handy while it was 45 degrees outside. 
Best grilled cheese I have EVER had. Gouda, mozzarella, red onion, and avocado spread. 
I wish I had gotten a picture but I just devoured it.
Obviously, I had planned this our perfectly because waiting for us right next door was anthropologie. A little bit of shopping went on...
One of the reasons why I love living in Milwaukee
After Tyler had enough of shopping...we headed over to a brewery tour at Milwaukee Brewing Company. Tours are actually really fun and really popular here. 
 Probably because you get a free pint glass with unlimited free beer. But I like seeing how it is all made and started!
The tour guys are usually pretty funny because lets be honest...all they do is drink all day.

Since we were downtown...we headed to the lake to take a walk on the beach. This is also something I crave during the week!

I wouldn't say the water was warm...

Such a beautiful day even when its cold! I am glad when we get to enjoy it since we live so close. After our busy crazy day...we did a little grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and decided to stay in for the night to make a homemade pizza. :)

It gets a little messy

Have a great and happy week!
Love, The Kiste's

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