Sunday, August 26, 2012

What's new

Well what is new in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

I GOT A JOB! I am so pumped to finally teach and get paid for it after a year of student teaching! The school is a private preschool in Wauwatosa, although I have been told by Milwaukee natives to just call it 'Tosa. Anyway... I will be teaching upcoming 3 years in their first year coming to preschool!I could not be more thrilled. Unfortunately...I may not be able to cook every night! Sad for that.

I think when I got the phone call offering me the position that Tyler yelled louder than I did he was so excited! Now we will both be working all day! But that gave us a reason to celebrate this past week/weekend.

Ty and I went to our first Brewers game against the Cubs! It's their biggest rival because they are so close to each other. 

Go Brewers!
The stadium is really cool because it has a retractable roof

For some pictures would not upload so I stole these from Google
The Brewers won, and we had a blast going with our neighbors! It helped that we ate really unhealthy including ice cream, cheese curds, and nuts. But what else do you do at a baseball game!

This weekend, we were craving some Wasabi like back at home. So we found a restaurant kind of like it called Asiana. It was good, but it didn't have nothin' on Knox's Wasabi. After dinner, we met our new friends in Downtown Waukesha.

Our friend/neighbor Maren...she has a really great Minnesota accent! I love trying to copy it :)
We are really loving the people up here! Tonight Maren and Steve are cooking us dinner, so we are really excited! And to top off my first day at my new job tomorrow, I am attending a cooking class with another neighbor, Erin! We live in a fun and young apartment complex where we just keep meeting new people...who I think invites us places mostly because of our rare Southern accents! Even Tyler is told up here he has a twang :).

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