Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our first visitors!

I was overly joyed to see my mom and brother come out of the airport last Wednesday morning! Three weeks is definitely the longest amount of time I have ever spent apart from my family and it was a little too long for my liking! Even though their visit flew by...we packed so much stuff into each day it felt like they lived with us by the end of four days!

When I picked them up...I wanted to show them Lake Michigan. Its beyond me why its a lake because it looks just like a beach. So we drove up the coast on Lincoln Memorial Drive and took in the view. They had no idea Milwaukee would be so pretty!

Then I thought we should have lunch somewhere on the Riverwalk Downtown. Tyler and I love the Third Ward District so we went there first...
We ate at Rock Bottom Brewery right on the river and Landon and mom had their first cheese curds! If you have never had will have them within the first 24 hours of arriving in Wisconsin. They are deep fried cheese curds served with marinara sauce and you will wish you'd never had mozzarella sticks when you eat these.
After we ate and walked around the Public market and Riverwalk...we decided on a Brewery tour. This was a first for me as well! But a Milwaukee must do...because there are over 600 breweries just here in Milwaukee.
And the nice Delta flight attendant told her the Miller-Coors is a must do. Even's free! You even get three complimentary beers at the end to sample. Landon stuck with orange soda. Mom and I barely got one beer down...but its the experience that counts!
 After our adventurous day, I was eager to get home, rest, and show them our little home! I immediately started cooking because I was just so happy to get to cook for FOUR whole people, its a change up from two!

Of course we ended every night by watching the Olympics!

The next day, we went shopping! Milwaukee has huge shopping centers all around us. This was only neccessary having PHS's Best Dressed as a brother. It was so good just to do normal stuff with my fam again! I wish Greg and Colt could have been there...but we got many updated photos with Colt. Colt peeing, Colt playing, Colt sitting, Colt sleeping...and so on.
I am getting off track...that night we went to the Wisconsin State fair. THAT is an experience. It is one of the largest fairs in the United States. Mom was a little apprehensive at first because of the Tennessee fair...but this impressed even her! Me, on the other hand, I was born for fairs. I love a good pig race.
Tyler did get to come with us to the fair! Sadly, he had to work during the day on our fun adventures.

Friday, the Jose Cuervo Volleyball Tourney was going on at the beach. (Lake Michigan Beach) Whatever. So i thought it would be fun to go for the day. It truely was! We packed a picnic and basically just relaxed and drank fruity drinks. Tyler and I went back two days later I enjoyed it so much. I believe the beach will shortly become a weekly thing for us. And who would have thought just two weeks ago I never knew this was so close to us!

That night, we walked down from our place to Downtown Waukesha for the Friday night free concerts. We ate here first at Taylor's People's Park..which is our fav fav restaurant. Solely because of the sweet potato fries...but of course Landon and Mom ordered regular fries! No fun.
But the concerts were fun...
and ice cream and corn hole...

Finally, spur of the moment...we decided on our Saturday plans. Let's go to Chicago! And we did. It is really not a bad drive..just 90 miles. We tested our knowledge on professional sports stars vs celebrities on the way...
Tyler's one request for driving was that we would drive by Wrigley field.
When we got there...we ate at Rosebud's. Apparently it is where a lot of celebrities eat when they are in town. Mom walked by a framed picture of Lebron James eating there and honestly said "Who is that guy?" I though Landon fainted spot on. I was more impressed by the Kardashians eating there.
We also decided to do a boat tour around the Chicago Loop. I would SO suggest this to anyone whoever goes! There is no better way to see it than from the water. I think we all decided this was our favorite activity of the week.

 Don't mind the was hot

After the boat ride...we decided to really own up to being tourists and went to visit the Bean.

Almost immediately after our last tourist came a torrential down pour. Our chicago day was cut short because of the storms! We were held up in Nordstrom for a solid hour before we decided to book it to the car.

All in all, it was the best visit! I felt spoiled having them here that Tyler and I were both sad to come home from the airport to an empty home! However, it made us thankful for family and the new experiences we get to have with everyone who comes to visit. And fingers crossed, we will be coming home for Labor day! We couldn't miss Boom's Day?!

To end the phenomenal week...Ty got tickets to see the Band Perry! It was so much fun...they even announced they were from East Tennessee. I wanted to tell them so badly that I was probably the only other person at the concert from there, as well!

Until next time!

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