Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Let me start off by saying (probably repeating myself) that the logistics of moving across the country are NOT fun! With that said, we are officially moved in! Have been for awhile, but I just wanted everything perfect. I am somewhat of a homebody so when I am home, I want to feel comfortable and like it is OURS. It was hard at times to turn that word MINE into OURS. But I enjoy it! However, I had to turn in some of my shabby chic-everything is pink and green- to more of a neutral style...for Tyler's sake at least! But I still have to have all my old shutters and doors and antiques :) I don't think the movers really understood my sense of style when they carried the 50 pound wooden door up the steps.

Anyways...I love our first/new home! I have had a lot of blogging requests to post pictures so have at it.

Living Room

Living Room

We are putting wedding photos in those empty frames soon!

Guest bathroom




Dining area

Little laundry nook...leads to guest bath and guest bedroom! (Come all you visitors)

Room for our lucky visitors who make their way up here :)

Guest bedroom

Our little balcony!

Upstairs leading to the master bedroom loft and bathroom.

So I am not completely finished! I still would like to do more decorating in our bedroom and bathroom so that will be another post. Also we need curtains and rugs...but its a slow process for a first home! But now you can see how us Kiste's live day to day :).


becca said...

Kac!Y'all's place is so cute!! I absolutely LOVE it! Can't wait to stay in that cute little guest room...

kacey said...

Awh thank you Becca :) I cannot wait either I miss you!!!