Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Kiste's Lives!

People say the best day of their life is their wedding day...we can say this is SO true! We have never felt more loved than on July 7, 2012.
Sneak peaks...more pictures to come

sweet moments!

We are so thankful for the new and old friends that we made to make this day perfect just for us! Especially Ancelet Photography and the girls at Butterfly Gap Retreat.

It is amazing that a day that you plan for 8 months of your life starts and finishes in a matter of hours. There is so many things to make happen, and it involves so many people. It is an amazing experience to see the people in full force that the Lord blessed you with in your life.

And the festivities leading up to this day were almost just as fun!
Bridal Luncheon given by my precious younglife leader! THANK YOU

I will always remember this weekend with these girls!


Rehearsal Dinner at Sullivan's Downtown in Maryville

Mrs. Kiste did a great job!

Tyler and I are still on cloud nine from this wonderful weekend!

....and it only continued til the next morning in Mexico. It took us a couple of days on our Honeymoon to realize we are SUPPOSE to do absolutely nothing. For the past year...I have not done nothing for awhile. It was almost boring until we embraced the nothing and relaxed.

Then we did not want to leave this lifestyle. I think we'd go back a thousand times over.

When we returned home...we were met with chaotic name changing, moving, joining bank accounts, shopping for our first home, and seeing people we love before we leave for Milwaukee. It is quite an experience coming from the land of nothing but laying in the sun and having people bring drinks to you all day long.

Especially when you think the movers who are coming to pack up your entire life come 24 hours earlier than they were suppose to. The surprises never stop in our new little married life! However, we are excited to get on our way to our new home. Tommorow we will leave for an overnight pitstop-vacay in Chicago until Friday. Any suggestions on where to eat or see? Please tell us!

Next stop: Chicago!

All I know is that Tyler wants a pizza that's atleast as deep as his hand. No surprise there!

After Chicago (which I will post pictures)...we will head to our new home city of Waukesha to get the keys to our first place and meet all kinds of workers to set up cable, utilities, and the people who are towing one of our cars. All while staying in another hotel for days because the movers could be up to a week and half!

I told you our life is crazy. But I wouldn't change it for a thing!

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