Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surrounded by boxes

As I sit here, I cannot see anywhere in my peripheral vision because boxes are stacked as tall as I am. I cannot take a picture of it because I do not want to believe that it is real life. Yesterday I organized for 12 hours and I have yet to see a difference in the amount of boxes we have in this apartment!

So I need to focus on happier things...like this weekend! I have to say it was one of my favorite weekends with Tyler. However it was bittersweet, because Thursday I said goodbye to my family and Powell for awhile. To cheer me up, Tyler thought we should stay in Chicago for a day. I could not have agreed more!

View from our room

We were so happy to be here after a nine hour drive!
Our hotel on Michigan Ave...close to the shopping!

 Tyler was a champ during the shopping! He never complained once...even though I knew inside he was just thinking about the deep dish pizza we were getting after!
New purse...thanks Chicago!

After our little shopping spree of hurriedly walking to Nordstroms, Macy's,Marshalls's (yes they have a 3 story marshall's and homegoods), H & M, Anthropologie and many more...we went to Giordano's! 
Our Chicago-regular friend Sarah recommended we go here and luckily it was within walking distance  from our hotel and shopping!

 As you can see...it was delicious. It looks so think and filling but we decided the crust tasted more like a flaky pastry instead of thick bread. We had half of this pizza as left overs and we forgot it at the restaurant! Tyler was not a happy man the next day for breakfast! Yup he eats anything for breakfast.

So after our fun night in Chicago, we headed to our new home of Waukesha! We checked into another hotel that is literally 2 blocks from our new home near Historic Downtown Waukesha. So we went exploring! Friday night they have free concerts lined up on the streets and all the stores and restaurants stay open late.

 We found so many hidden gems just by simply walking around!

The next morning, in the same location, they have a big farmer's market. It was a really fun atmosphere and tons of fresh, good food! We opted for bakery treats because we did not have a kitchen to cook vegetables in yet! I had to pass by the cheese...because if you know me you know I love some good cheese.

But we are excited to go back every Saturday and get fresh vegetables and bread for the week!
 After our little adventures...the past 3 days have been filled with endless trips to Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Marshalls, Walmart, and even the Dollar Tree!

So that brings me to yesterday when our movers came. Unfortunately, I was by myself because well...one of us has to work! (Thanks, Ty :) ) And it was his first day! I was proud of him...but wishing he was there! The movers were so helpful though and brought everything in one piece.

So now my job this week is to unpack and organize and make this apartment our home. Tyler says I complain but I really love it...and he is right. I love some good organizing. I just wish my mom was here to help sometimes! But it is making me grow up, which is a needed thing.

Hopefully Landon and my mom will be here next week so we can go explore Milwaukee! I see a Brewers game in our future...

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