Thursday, July 5, 2012

Redneck 4th and wedding frenzy

Honestly, does anyone NOT have a redneck fourth of July? If so, you are not American.

This is American.

This is my brother and soon to be husband. You may mistake them for 7 year old twins but they are actually 18 and 22. And this is a homemade slip and slide.

And to be is not legally theirs. They are so resourceful...these two men went to Walmart, purchased 20 foot tarps, lathered themselves up with dishwasher soap and water (along with patches of grass) and made Splash Country right in the back yard! Not to mention, they purchased a 6 foot plastic baby pool.

 I can't help but think how much they look like my preschoolers on Water Fun Day back in May!

Yup that's a butt and we saw it alllll day long. I have to stop or I may cry I miss them so much.
However, Landon and Ty are resourceful BECAUSE after the fun was over, they neatly folded and repackaged the tarps...and then returned them to Walmart. (I feel dishonest for them).

So Happy birthday America!

And happy three days til our wedding......except its not all happy... its stressful and its hard and its tiring. But will be oh so worth it.

In just 72 hours we will be officially Mr. and Mrs. Kiste! It feels almost as good typing it as it does saying it! I know it sounds like a grammy speech....but I could not have done this past 8 months without my mom and family. Wedding planning is a full time job and especially when you want to do almost everything yourself. Let's just say I do not want to plan another one ever again after Saturday night is over with. Maybe I will write a book about it....but I won't physically plan one. I'll help someone else with theirs every chance I get! But one wedding and one marriage is all i'm doing this lifetime! I am just lucky that it gets to be with my craft partner and best friend! (He will love me even more when crafts cease).

So the next time I write...I will be a married woman :)

I will leave you with a goodbye from the cutest face in the world!

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