Thursday, June 14, 2012

Looking ahead

So I decided my next post would be about things I am looking forward to in Wisconsin. Living in Powell, TN...people will defend their homeland til they die. I being one of those. (And I always will) However, sometimes the reaction we get when we tell others we are moving to Milwaukee are "WOW!" "Better get your Ugg boots!" Or simply "Why?" Which then makes me think in my Should I be severely worried? However, when we talk to people from Wisconsin, they love it and defend it just like good ole Tennesseans.

So long story plan was to make a list of things I want to do in Wisconsin. BUT my fiance beat me to a sweet surprise! Tyler secretively made a powerpoint he was going to show me when I was sad or homesick.  I will share some of the slides with y'all.

The fact that he added Justin Bieber's picture on the concert page means that I will definitely hold him to that.:)

THAT being said...we are leaving in T minus 8 hours for our first trip ever to Wisconsin to find our new home to be! AND have my first ever real like job interview at a downtown Milwaukee school :) Wish us luck navigating these Indian towns!


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