Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The first trip

Let me just tell you that sitting in the car 10 and a half hours ain't a party! I am going to be honest, it is long and I would rather fly. We are taking that into consideration next time. Thankfully, we enjoyed 3 James Patterson's books on tape. I now feel like I am a real life detective specializing in solving serial killings. 

Our first picture-worthy sight: 50 miles of toll roads through Chicago. Every ten miles we hit a toll. I think our total count one way up was 8. Really, Illinois?! You need $1.80 from every car that wants to drive on the interstate? Obama needs to do something about that, it being his hometown and all. I know he wouldn't like to know that's going on!

When we did make it to Downtown Waukesha, it exceeded my expectations! We loved the place we stayed, Clarke Hotel (Thank you Eaton Corporation! :) ) I try to explain it to people but its just kind of a weird place. Its like a regular suburb outside of a big city, but in the heart of the town is a bunch of historic streets they have cleaned up quite nice! This was the view out of our window. There are lots of cute shops, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, diners, and weirdly enough, nice looking tattoo shops on every street.

We walked around and asked for native's recommendations on where to eat. We were told Taylor's People's Park. It again, exceeded our expectations. I might say these were the best sweet potatoe fries and chipotle mayonnaise I have ever put in my mouth! I also may or may not be wearing a wedding dress in 11 days?!

To top it off...it is a rooftop restaurant! We LOVED it.

So much so...that we went the very next night. Actually, we planned after eating the first night there that we had to come back again. Tyler already admitted that he knew within 5 minutes on the rooftop that I will ask to go here atleast 2 times a week when we move here!
Night number two...same seat :)

And that brings me to my next thing on the agenda: we have a new home!

Isn't it cute? We're in love. I think its because it is the first thing that is OURS. This is what we will share together and I could not be any happier! I wish I had more pictures to post, but it is still being built! (Lucky for me because no one likes to use a toilet seat thats been used before! Atleast not me) We are told it will be ready July 1st, however we will not be moving til July 17th. MATH: 2 days after our honeymoon....yep.

Another plus...we are within walking distance to the cute little historic downtown...so yes...we will be walking weekly to sip coffee (or maybe orange juice), visit the farmers market every Saturday, go shopping, sit on Taylor's rooftop restaurant, and maybe even get a tattoo. Kidding, mom.

To celebrate our accomplishment of why we went there in the first place...we decided to be tourists in Milwaukee. Let me just tell you that Milwaukee is a hidden gem to us in the south. It is actually a huge city and super pretty/nice/fun. We first went to the Historic Third Ward District to go to the Public Market.

And got local grown cheeses to bring back to the parents! This place is so fun...we felt really hip just being in it!

Tyler was feeling so hip...he even got a chocolate oatmeal stout beer....

We definitely wanted to see their famous Riverwalk...so we decided to eat at one of the most popular restaurants on the river- Rock Bottom Brewery. Everyone was so friendly as soon as we opened our mouths! I think Northern people really like Southern accents...so everywhere we went people wanted to hear our whole story of why in the world we were up there! It was actually shocking how everyone was so opening to telling us about the city and even offering to show us around!

Everywhere we saw we would "bookmark" things to do in our head when out of town guests come to stay with us. So be ready! We have a full itenerary. (AND two bedrooms! come visit :) )
Tyler was a popular man here because he supposedly looked like a worker at the restaurant...maybe we will make friends with Wisconsians after all!

All in all....we loved our new city! It was a successful trip and I am glad we got to experience it before the move. We cannot wait for all the people we love to come see it as well :).

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kacey said...

I love reading about my soon to be northern daughter with a big ole southern heart. Keep me posted!