Sunday, June 10, 2012


If you know know why this post is called beginnings. In 27 days to be exact...I will be a wife. If you really knew me, you know that I have been dreaming about this day for an estimated ten years. I take that back, dreaming is an understatement. Researching, blogging, praying, daydreaming, thinking, over-analyzing, stressing, and just flat out wishing since I was 14. And yes, it is almost here. Who woulda thought I would find a precious, close-to-perfect husband to go with this? I am lucky.

However, that is not why I decided to start a blog. I decided to start a blog because I have a lot to get out! For one, I have grown up in Powell, TN my entire life. Even got my PHD from there (Powell High School Diploma). Went to college at the University of Tennessee, oh have I mentioned how I now say WENT. Yes, I am an alumni. Extrememly recent.

SO with that said, in the span of two months...I graduated college.

He with without.
I am getting married.
 Kudos to TracieAncelet Photography.

I am leaving the country for our honeymoon.
Playa Mujeres, Mexico


You better believe I had to learn how to spell Milwaukee. You also better believe I had to look up the location of Wisconsin on a map. Really, Wisconsin? I don't think I have ever given the state a second thought since I learned the capitol of it in third grade. Which now has been forgotten. (I will relearn it)

Why would I move there? Oh, because I love my soon to be husband. More than life itself. More than Tennessee. More than soft pretzels and beer cheese from the Downtown Grill and Brewery. But not more than the good Lord who blessed me with him! So moving with my soon to be newlywed husband...makes the move alot more sweeter. I say alot...alot. And I will not space it like spell check is trying to get me to do "a lot" because I believe its just one word.

So this is my our beginning...of a new life. Cheers!

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Abby said...

Kacey ... I may or may not have just read your entire blog. I have a lot of extra time on my hands at work :) Love you and miss you.