Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to where it all started...

I got married July 7th, 2012 and three years later here we are. Over the past 3 years, we have moved across the country a grand total of 4,024 miles. 3 states, 3 different parts of the country, in 3 years. I signed up for adventure marrying Ty and he has never let me down! I can't tell you when I have ever been bored since our wedding day. No two days are ever the same.

Our first move to Milwaukee, Wisconsin was one I will never forget. From the moment I got the phone call that Tyler would be working in Watertown, WI, I shed tears. I shed tears because I had never left my comfort zone. I shed tears because I was growing up and I wasn't sure where or when that happened. I grew up in Powell, Tn. I went to college at the University of TN. I envisioned my life there for awhile. The moment we learned Tyler's job was a rotational program we never imagined how far it would actually take us. That it would take us to the Midwest, the Carolina's, and now the West coast. Talk about culture shock to this girl.

Wisconsin was the hardest move. Our first week being married I moved away from my family for the first time. I love my family as much or as more as any person I know. That year I learned what cheese curds were, I learned what a real winter looked like, I learned how to lean on the Lord and my marriage more than ever. I also learned how to be a teacher for the first time and how to love on kids that sometimes were, let's be honest, really hard to love. We paid our bills and were completely on our own in the world, for the first time. What a sweet time that really is looking back! When I found out we were leaving Milwaukee for Asheville, I shed tears. I fell in love there. We met GOOD people in Wisconsin. People we loved and cared for. We had our first home there together. It was hard and bittersweet but we were going closer to Tennessee.

Asheville, NC was magical. A BEAUTIFUL place that you could see God's hands were all over in creating that place. Our year was spent making more friends that we loved and seeing family and having an endless amount of visitors. We also got to see most of our best friends get married that year! I loved that time being surrounded by the mountains and people we know. However, Asheville is a small town and we did all that we could in the time there. We needed to see more of America!

So we moved to the West Coast to the most breathtaking area I've ever seen. The Pacific Northwest. Portland, OR. Weird and open minded, some of the most genuine, happiest people live here. We could NEVER go bored out here and that's what made us fall in love here! In our time here we have got to see the coast, Seattle, and stunning parts of British Columbia. Being from Tennessee, these are some things I've experienced that I may never have if we didn't take the chance to leave our comfort zone.

Now our time is up in Tyler's program and brings us to a more permanent home for the next few years. We are going back to where I fell for Aaron Rodgers and cheese....Milwaukee, WI. We are excited and sad to leave Oregon. Isn't moving always like this? I think I've felt more emotions in 3 years than most have in a lifetime. I'm pumped for Ty's new role with his company and even more pumped to be closer to his family and mine!

If I have learned anything in 3 years, it's GO. Take a chance and TRAVEL. If you get the chance to move, DO IT. The people you meet, the experiences you made, the food you eat, the places you see are worth every stressful thought and tears I ever had.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's a new year!

So Christmas came and went, then New Year came and went, and now we are in February?! What in the world. Where does the time go?

I got to go home to Tennessee for the holidays and it has made me miss the people there every day since!

It's so hard to squeeze in every single person you want to see that you haven't for months! But we tried our best that's for sure. The hardest part about living out here is the distance. Milwaukee was manageable, Asheville was close to easy, but Portland is FAR.

It does make you cherish the moments as cheesy as it sounds! It happens.

Friday, December 12, 2014


This was a really hard week away from family. On Sunday, my Papaw went to meet Jesus a day before his 80th birthday. He was a constant love in our family and will be so missed, especially this Holiday season. He is the only person I've ever met with a constant twinkle in his eye. He somehow loved his 5 daughters and grandkids even more than hunting bears and boar. Love you Papaw!

Thank for loving me in all my diva like stages.

Seattle Thanksgiving

Seattle has always been a placed I've wanted to visit but never found a reason. In Tennessee, you don't really think of the Pacific Northwest to visit. It's like you pick the place you want to go for Spring Break, and sadly, I envision more palm trees. However, watching Grey's Anatomy (lets be honest), Sleepless in Seattle, and even the Bachelor and I'm sold on this town.

Now, being 2.5 hours away gave us the push we needed to be tourists in Seattle!

 It was one of the best trips we have had. I was sad to be away from family, but FaceTime can work miracles!  We had some really good food, saw the Space Needle, went to the Sky Observatory, spent our fair share in Pike Place, and even saw fireworks over the Christmas lighting!

November in a nutshell...Part 2

Guess what else? We had our second visitors in Portland! We love when people come see us all the way out here. Tyler's parents and grandparents came for almost a week and we had such a good time showing them around.

We went to the coast and spent a day at Cannon Beach. If you have seen the Goonies, it was filmed here. If you are like me, you have never seen the Goonies. Ha.

Family pic! We missed you Jared!

All together!

We went to Tin Shed for brunch one day and oh my my. its delish

We even drove to Mount Hood for a day and went to Timberline Lodge

It was a good pre-Thanksgiving with family. Its always fun to show them around Oregon and where we live this never boring life!