Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Can we catch up? I think we should. You see, I've started a mid-March New Years' Revolution. This whole blogging thing...well that's part of it. Watching less Netflix and eating less cheese is part of it also, but don't ask me how that's going.

Here is what I have been doing these past 5 weeks....

I now have a 24 year old husband...really?! Time slow down

Charleston weekend getaway

Y'all...I could live here


So happy my brother and Kaitlin came to visit...Biltmore of course

To say we have had some snow days is an understatement. LEAVE NOW WINTER

Our favorite people came to visit!

We tried to become friends with Darius Rucker. Hold My Hand will never get old...
Trying to travel to a new city at least once a The Pit in Raleigh with Tyler's cousin Courtney
We definitely enjoyed Raleigh...the weather wasn't so bad either

Went to see Duke's campus and got to see where my sweet Grandaddy played basketball in 1941!

Enjoying new places in Asheville on rare weekends we are actually here!
Enjoying new restaurant opening with sweet friends!

Time goes too fast I tell ya. Is it really almost April?


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Time Travel

I'll admit it...we love living in Asheville, NC. However, we MISS Milwaukee, WI. We miss our first home, our neighbors, our friends, the snow, the brewerys, Lake Michigan, the Packers, the Brewers, the cheese curds...just to name a few. I am sure when our time is done in Asheville we will want to go back as soon as possible, as well.

 So we figured the Holidays were the perfect time to fly up North. (Minus the blizzard that came on the day we tried to leave...)

We were able to spend A LOT of time with our people we've missed. We went to a Marquette game, visited our old stomping grounds in Waukesha, and even got to go to the art museum on Lake Michigan for a New Years Eve Party. There was no better way I would've wanted to bring in 2014! Cheers :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Christmas times

So I guess I should say...Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! That being said with all that I have missed in the blogging world. Thank you to my {two} followers (Maren and Aubs)  for encouraging me to finish what I started...and keep on bloggin'!

With that said....Merry Christmas in 2013. We were lucky enough to spend the week before Christmas with Tyler's whole family in Scottsdale,AZ for a relaxing and fun getaway!

Tyler's cousins Courtney and Kelsee


Arizona is STUNNING. It made it even nicer to have sixty degree weather compared to the average 30 degrees. But more importantly it was wonderful to be with Ty's whole extended family and spend some quality time together. 

Christmas Eve we flew back to Asheville and were greeted by my family on Christmas morning who were sweet enough to drive from TN to spend the day with us!

We headed to the Grove Park Inn for Christmas Day which is always beautiful to see! My aunt Kim, Nana, parents and brother all headed over the mountain for the perfect Christmas day.

I don't know how to not be cheesy with saying...Happy birthday sweet glad it was spent with both of our families! We are truly grateful.

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Let's be honest. I've been a MIA blogger. I apologize! So let's catch up. Some things in our life recently.

1. This is the first year Tyler and I have played fantasy football. Its either really healthy for our relationship....or really unhealthy. You decide.

2. We had SUCH a great Thanksgiving with my family in Knoxville. It almost feels like we've never left K-Town...especially with Tennessee's losing streak....
Playing HeadsUp on Thanksgiving
Fantasy of Trees with Nana

3. We joined the YMCA and we've really enjoyed it! Its a fun couple thing to do together after work. That could be the reason I hardly have time to blog....but I think its a pretty good excuse.

4.I really, really, really love my job. After last year, I thought retirement from Pre-Kwas in my future. Now I have never loved doing anything more!

5. Asheville is GORGEOUS. Seriously, we are in love with exploring. It never gets old.
Grove Park Inn

Triple Falls (Where the Hunger Games were filmed!)

6. We are more than ready for Christmas time.

We've got a crazy December coming up soon but I'm looking forward to all of the traveling and finally a VACATION. We will be headed to Knoxville, Scottsdale, AZ for Christmas, and Milwaukee for New Years. Getting to see both of our families and long lost friends in Wisconsin :) Crossing our fingers for no crazy weather to come!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Revolving Door

Sometimes it may seem like our home has a revolving door. If you know me, you know we have had visitors 5 out of the past 6 weekends. Sometimes I get a little tired, but then i remember how much I love this time in our life! Tell me when else in life do you get to countdown to the weekend when people you love are coming to see YOU. It is a blessing.

Here's a few snapshots of our October:

Charlotte Bobcats game

My mom is a cutie

AHHHH finally reunited with Hannah and Daniel!

Oktoberfest in Asheville

Tyler's whole family came to see us! :)

North Carolina Arboretum

..and a few more family members came through Asheville :)
While I am not hosting and doing a whole lot of having fun...I'm working...I promise! I love my job, I love the kids in my class, and I love my coworkers. This is the first year since graduating college, that I am loving what I am doing. (Even when I get boogers on me daily) It's pre-k guys.

ANYWAY. Since the move to Asheville, even though hard to leave Milwaukee, we have felt nothing but gratitude for everyone making us feel so welcomed. So thank you. :)